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A valid GATE score opens up many opportunities. The following are the main options after writing the GATE exam.

1. PG programs at IISc and IITs
With a very good rank in GATE, one has the “dream option” of joining IISc or IITs for postgraduate studies. In addition to the M.E/M.Tech courses, one can also join for the research programs (M.Sc(engg.)/PhD). The selected candidates get a monthly stipend. Top institutes like TIFR and IIIT also use GATE score in their admission process. Many of the NITs also have very good postgraduate programs, and one needs to have a very good GATE score to join those courses. More details here.

2. PG programs at other Institutes
Among those who join postgraduate programs at other colleges (private or government), only those with a valid GATE score get the monthly stipend.

3. Job opportunities
Many public sector companies, like BARC, NTPC, IOC, ONGC, CEL etc., now consider GATE score as a parameter in their recruitment process. In many of these companies, candidates with good GATE scores are directly called for interview.

4. PG programs at universities abroad
Many universities abroad, like NSU (Singapore) etc., consider GATE score in their admission process.

5. Quest for excellence
Beyond all these opportunities that open up with a good GATE score, there is a more fundamental reason for writing the GATE exam. It is the standard barometer of your competence in your chosen field. It tests the depth of your understanding of the subjects that you have studied. It measures how far you have traveled in your quest for excellence. A good GATE score does your confidence a world of good! And the sense of achievement and happiness a top GATE score gives you cannot be matched!

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