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Raghunath Learning Centre for GATE is a unit of RLC Solutions, an educational and research consultancy in electronics and communication.

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Dr. Raghunath


Dr. Raghunath has over 20 years of teaching experience. He obtained his PhD from the department of ECE, IISc in 2009. His research interests include wireless communication and low power design.

Dr. Raghunath has been motivating students and preparing them for the GATE exam since 1996. He has been producing record results in GATE every year. As the HOD of the ECE department in PESIT, Bangalore, he conducted FREE classes for GATE-2011 for the students of the department. A record 57 students qualified that year. He founded RLC in 2012. His students have topped Karnataka in EC in GATE-2013 and GATE-2014. He is presently the Director (Academics) at RLC Solutions.