What Our Students Say

One year in RLC was one of the turning points of my life. RLC is not only a good place for GATE coaching but also a good place to learn basic concepts in E&C

Ashok D R Joined M.Tech(Research), IISc

Raghunath Learning Center is the best coaching institute where one can learn the various electronics subjects to its fullest. The classroom environment is very interactive, and the fact that the basics are given utmost importance keeps the students in good stead.

I still remember these words of Raghunath Sir – “By joining RLC one can be guaranteed to clear any technical interview with ease”. This statement clearly holds good in each and every RLCian.

Anantha Narayanan R Joined M.Tech(Research), IISc

The subjects are taught in depth, which will be very helpful in cracking the after-GATE interviews or Technical interview for the core EC companies. One will become very strong in the fundamentals which will eventually help in building the subjects on top. One will learn a subject by correlating them with the other subjects, which will help to understand motivation behind learning them. By joining here I managed to get a good score even while working full time in a company.The professors are having great depth knowledge on the subject, and reachable at anytime. The classroom discussions are very competitive and uncovers many fundamental doubts.

Also one can have strong Alumni connection of RLC which will help in building your career network. One will enjoy the learning process here.

Darshan-Bhat Bangalore RLC
Darshan Bhat Joined IIITB

I consider myself fortunate to have got an opportunity to learn at RLC. Be here to realize how beautiful ECE subjects are.

Sapana Chaudhary Bangalore
Sapana Chaudhary Joined M.Tech at IITM

RLC is the place where I learnt how to learn a subject. It is not just another institute which trains the students to crack a competitive exam by vigorous practice, but it is a place where one learns to enjoy the subjects and appreciate the concepts. I had the best learning experience at RLC with highly dedicated, motivated and knowledgeable teachers. The subjects are taught in a highly conceptual and systematic approach with sufficient number of problems which require critical thinking. The classes at RLC are completely discussion oriented which is particularly very helpful in facing the interviews at premier institutes.

RLC is the best place for those who want to pursue their career in electronics and communication. Thanks to Raghunath sir who has been the source of inspiration for my life.

Surabhi GATE Bangalore
Surabhi G D Joined M.Tech (Research) at ECE, IISc

RLC is the best place to be at, if one wants to understand the concepts in Electronics and Communication. Importance is given not only to prepare for GATE but also to master each and every subject thoroughly, which instils a sense of confidence. Subjects that seemed daunting and boring became easy and interesting. RLC has always been a great source of inspiration and support, thanks to Raghunath Sir!

bhaghyashree GATE Bangalore
Bhagyashree Puranik AIR: 123 Joined for ME(IISc)

I did my Engineering at RLC.

Prayag Gowgi PhD student at IISc

At RLC, Concepts are learnt in a way they should be learned. Teachers are highly proficient and have expertise in wide areas of ECE subjects. Concepts are taught from the fundamentals and with illustrative examples which makes you to understand the subject very well. I strongly recommend for students who aspire for GATE and IES.

saching-anvekar-gate Bangalore
Sachin G Anvekar Joined M.Tech at IISc

I always want to be called a good teacher. But I had a very little idea of what it takes to be a good teacher. I saw two great teachers of my life time (though I am very young to say that) at RLC. The teachers are unique in their own way, but are incredibly terrific when it comes to subject. I realized that without steady devotion for the teacher and patience and perseverance, nothing is to be achieved.

At RLC, subject concepts, are no doubt made easier. But the central idea is to make student extrapolate on what he knows and infer from his own experience, which is the best part of every class. In fact this puts an RLCian at a relatively higher plane.

Personally the time I spent at RLC is the best learning time that I have ever experienced, not just with respect to subject, but with respect to everything.

bharaths-GATE Bangalore
Bharath S Joined PhD (IISc)

RLC has been one of the most satisfying experiences. Academically, I have learned the most at RLC - more than anywhere else.

Inquisitiveness is valued here. This is more than a place where one sits with heaps of books and learns how to solve exam problems - much more. It was a lot of fun too!

This is a place where teachers become more than teachers, classmates become more than classmates. We became a family here. One would not want to leave RLC. With my mindset, I felt in perfect "resonance" with the place and Raghunath sir,an incredibly dedicated teacher.

I am always going to remember these words of Raghunath sir - "An argument in most matters leaves one as a winner and other as a loser; but in an argument in subject, both can gain".

Ganesh Kini rlc GATE Bangalore
Ganesh Kini AIR: 127 Joined for ME(IISc)

RLC is the best place to learn ECE subjects.Here concepts are covered in depth which helps student to solve problems of any difficulty level easily and to clear interviews. Also the teachers here are very motivating and will guide you through out your preparations for the exams and also at any point of time of your life.

amjath-husain-gate Bangalore
Amjath Husain AIR: 436 Joined M.Tech at IITB

Some say there is no substitute for hard work by self. It is just the half truth. For success you need more than just the hard work. That something "more" you'll find at RLC.

With the initial guidance for a subject at RLC will make you to explore more in it. Believe me, understanding any reference book has never been this easier. Grasping a concept with intuition is all a student needs, which is what RLC provides!

In short, you'll start liking your Monday's, which you hated before joining RLC!

kishan rlc GATE Bangalore
Kishan AIR: 366 Joined for ME(IISc)

My journey at RLC has been an absolute Bliss. The environment that is created because of the sincerity of these teachers have the power to convert a rough piece of coal into a shining Diamond. It is a fun filled, discussion oriented and highly fundamentally concentrated program.

For students/teachers whose thought processes vary from "I know nothing" to "I know everything", RLC is the place to be at.

rajeev rlc GATE Bangalore
Rajeev AIR: 2247 Joined for ME(IISc)

Being at RLC has been one of the best phases of my life. At RLC, my understanding of concepts was enhanced. Problems and tests increased understanding of the subject. The guidance provided here helped me to achieve a good rank in GATE and join Qualcomm. This is the best place for students interested in pursuing higher studies in India in EC.

supreeth rlc GATE Bangalore
Supreeth A AIR: 105 Qualcomm

RLC helped me to understand the concepts clearly and appreciate the subject.The distinguishing factor about RLC is that, the students are not just trained to crack GATE. Mastering the concepts is given paramount importance.This helps the students to appreciate the subject and crack exams/placements confidently.

Aditya Warnulkar AIR: 229 Qualcom

At RLC the focus of teaching is on understanding basic concepts and principles thoroughly with ample motivation throughout. Supplemented by study material and problems, the teaching provides wholesome understanding of all subjects. The subjects are developed in such a way that after completion, ECE becomes an interconnected network rather than a string of unconnected subjects which is very easy on the mind and effortless to recollect and make use. An aim to pursue higher studies, willingness to learn and readiness for sincere work are the only prerequisites. Highly motivating teachers and class atmosphere makes for a very enjoyable and memorable experience.

Akshit Saradagi MTech student at IIT Madras

Being a part of RLC was one of the best moments in life. We get to learn and most importantly enjoy complete Electronics. From understanding difficult concepts to solving questions for competitive exams, "RLC is THE PLACE TO BE IN". This helped me entirely in getting a good job, a masters at IISC and a bunch of great friends and memories.

Bharat Hegde Rank 188 MTech Student at IISc

Stay at RLC was a comprehensive learning experience with good students to study along with, and even better teachers to guide.

Dheeraj Kumar Rank481 MTech Student at IIT Kanpur

One of the best GATE coaching centre to learn. The approach towards learning followed in the institute is unmatched and the interactions during the teaching sessions enhanced the learning. If one wants to learn what electronics is and excel in this field, RLC is the place to be in. Thank you Raghunath sir.

Harsha S Rank 493 MTech student at IIT Kanpur

After joining RLC I could make my basics strong and I started enjoying all subjects.
I could face any interview with confidence. RLC helped me get into Analog Devices , which was my dream company.
I am very thankful to Raghunath Learning Centre.

Mazher Ali Khan Working at Analog Devices

My dream of joining an IIT came true only because of highly respected Dr Raghunath Sir of RLC Institute. I have a great respect for him. He cleared all my doubts and because of him, I could not only secure 87th rank in GATE but also consistently achieved best CGPA in my B.E degree. Dr Raghunath Sir gives utmost individual attention/concern to all students and right direction at right time to achieve our goal. I am proud to say that I am the student of RLC Institute.

Sagar Sudhakara Rank 87 MTech student at IITBombay

No additional preparation for exams like Gate will be required for candidates attending these classes.

Naveen M Rank 149

The in-depth subject knowledge and competitive skills learnt in this academy, proved to be useful in securing not only good GATE rank but also pursue M.Tech. in IISc, IITs, NITs and other prestigious Universities and Institutes.2)The coaching is also useful to face competitive exams such as ISRO, IES.

Vighnesh Bhat MTech student at IIT Kanpur

I am in IISC because of Raghunath Learning Centre. I was very weak in basics of electronics and RLC strengthened my basics in almost all the subjects of ECE. I had lots of fun attending classes, solving problems, discussing with teachers and friends. If you intend to attend RLC (which you should) don't miss even a single class.

Suguna M Gate AIR200 MTech student at IISc

I had been a student at Raghunath Learning Centre from the 6th semester till 8th semester. This period has been the most enlightening period of engineering. At RLC, I got the opportunity to easily digest the most intricate concepts of electronics and communication engineering. This helped me a lot to clear the technical interviews at Cypress Semiconductor. This is the right place for ECE engineers aspiring to take up a career in the core electronics domains and the students looking forward for higher studies in the premier institutes in India and abroad. Most important aspect of RLC is the post-class hours discussions. This is the time when the students and teachers come up with brilliant and intriguing discussions on and off subject.

Akhil Ahmed Working at Cypress Semiconductor

I am able to secure good Gate rank and an internship at broadcom only because of RLC. thanks to my teachers.
I cracked interview in IISc admission because of the way of thinking i developed in RLC. The way you develop high level concepts from fundamentals and the intuition will make you addictive to attend classes regularly and clarify your doubts through interaction.

M Hariprasad Gate 280 Mtech at IISC.