GATE Preparation

GATE Preparation

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We can summarize the ideal approach to GATE preparation with the following points:

Importance of mastering the concepts:
There is a difference between knowing a concept and mastering a concept. You can master a concept only when you apply it in a variety of contexts, and solve many different kinds of problems involving that concept. For example, consider the basic concept of orthogonality. We have orthogonality of vectors (linear algebra), signals (analog/digital communication), and random variables and random processes (probability). A variety of questions can be framed in each of these aspects of orthogonality, and you should be thorough in your understanding of all these versions.

Importance of fundamental subjects:
If you have a strong hold on Signals and Systems, then mastering the concepts in Analog/Digital Communication, DSP, Control Systems etc., becomes very easy. Similarly, if your electromagnetics basics are solid, then understanding transmission lines, waveguides, antennas and even semiconductor devices and network analysis becomes a simple task. Thus, it is important to have

  • A strong focus on fundamental subjects.
  • A proper sequence of studying the different subjects. Basic subjects need to be thoroughly assimilated, followed by the advanced subjects. Another advantage of approaching the advanced subjects as extensions of the fundamental subjects is that you will be able to see the interconnections between the subjects. EC will then become a web of related subjects, instead of being a string of unrelated subjects. This enriches your understanding, and also makes recalling and connecting different concepts together a lot easier!.

Practice challenging problems
As we have discussed earlier, each GATE question is unique in its own way. It requires you to put together many different concepts. Also, since you have to answer 65 questions in 3 hours, you have less than 3 minutes per question; time is at a premium. It is necessary not only to know the concepts but also to connect the together quickly to get the correct answer. Therefore, it is very important to solve an exhaustive variety of challenging problems.

Enjoy the learning process!
Joy and learning are not commonly found together, especially in a mathematically oriented branch like EC. But joy of learning forms the core philosophy at RLC. To become an EC expert, you need top-notch teachers. You also need an interactive classroom environment where freely discussing a concept in all its aspects and exploring interconnections between concepts are encouraged. Such an approach makes the learning process interesting and enjoyable. For evidence, look at our testimonials page!

What is outlined above is how we go about GATE preparation at RLC. You may find it different from the approach of many other institutes that focus more on practice and problem solving tricks. Such an approach too may sometimes lead to a good GATE score. But our experience shows that, such candidates struggle in the M.Tech interviews at IISc/IITs due to their lack of strong fundamentals. Our students, on the other hand, clear those interviews effortlessly, and also excel in their M.Tech course. In fact, the confidence gained due to their strong basics helps them throughout their career!